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  • 3 packages available (Basic, Deluxe, or Premium)
  • EASY to use
  • PRIVATE phone number
  • Flat rate pricing -- NO per call, per minute fees
  • Can answer when the line is busy or not answered
  • Answers more than one call at a time
  • 100% digital -- 24 hour per day worldwide access
  • Works from any touchtone phone
  • Plays a personalized greeting
  • Can take messages or be set as "listen only"
  • Control volume, rewind, fast forward, and pause via touchtone keypad
  • Optional features can easily be added to basic packages
  • Calls are answered promptly, personally, and efficiently -- ON the FIRST ring
  • Multiple calls can be answered at the same time -- eliminating busy signals
  • Better time management by controlling interruptions
  • NO new equipment to buy
  • Compatible with all phone systems
  • Works even when your power is out and your phone lines are down
  • Detailed, confidential messages -- NO abbreviated, misinterpreted, or lost information
  • Operates 24 hours a day so calls are always handled, regardless of the originating time zone
  • Private phone number for advertising
  • Phone number for new business start-ups (avoid phone line costs)
  • Yellow page tracking (track number of calls to determine ad effectiveness)
  • Customer service hotline
  • Home-based or small business telephone answering
  • Control phone interruptions by sending unwanted calls to voice mail
  • Answer phone calls when out of the office or on the phone
  • After hours phone answering and message taking
  • Transfer callers to you via call following when you're out of the office
  • Quick notification of messages holding, emergency dispatching
  • Combine voicemail, fax, and cell phone numbers into "ONE" phone number
  • Prevent missed calls and lost sales opportunities due to busy or unanswered phone lines
  • Reduce labor costs associated with staffing to answer the phone
  • Notify up to 5 phone numbers of messages holding (digital pager, voice pager, telephone, etc.)
  • Record a message one time and send it to a group
  • Transfer callers directly to a cell or another phone
  • Schedule different greetings to play at specified times (e.g. when open and closed)
  • Let callers send a digital page to you through the voicemail system
  • Return calls directly from your voicemail box
  • Switch calls to telecommuters or home-based employees with the touch of a button
  • Message delivery to email
  • Message notification via text to cell
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