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MessageLink Communications - Voice Mail Services
Voicemail service gives you a local telephone number, accessible 24/7 that can be used as your personal or business phone number, or it can be connected to another telephone number and used to answer your phone. When a call rings your voicemail number it plays a personalized greeting and then, if you want, takes a message. Messages can be listened to by telephone, or they can be sent to your email and listened to on your computer.

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MessageLink Communications - Fax Services FAX SERVICES
Fax services are either inbound or outbound. Inbound fax service gives you a local telephone number that can be used as your personal or business fax number, or it can be connected to another fax number to receive overflow faxes when your fax line is busy or doesn’t answer. Fax service can also be set up to store documents that are frequently faxed out. Outbound Fax service is a desktop fax solution that allows you to send faxes directly from your computer desktop via the Internet without using a telephone line.

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MessageLink Communications - Telephone Answering = SMARTLINE

Telephone Answering (SmartLine) and our Virtual PBX service gives businesses customized solutions to answer or assist a receptionist in answering the telephone. Service can be set up to use one of our numbers or connect to an existing number to answer when your lines are busy or aren’t answered in a timely manner. These services typically are menu driven by time of day and day of week greetings with several choices for callers to either dial by name, select a department or extension, or some other action to speed a customer’s call to the appropriate person in your business.  Calls can be routed to remote office locations and once a call is answered it can be transferred between extensions or returned to voicemail.  If messages are taken they can be listened to by telephone or sent to an email address and listened to on a computer.

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MessageLink Communications - Phone & Fax Broadcast Services

Broadcast Services provided are Voice, Fax or email. Send spoken or written information fast and efficiently to a group list locally, nationally or internationally either immediately or on a scheduled basis. Faxes can also be set up via email.  Voice broadcasts can deliver different messages depending on whether someone answers or the service reaches voicemail or an answering machine.  Complete detail reporting is provided on each broadcast itemizing completed deliveries and those that failed.

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MessageLink Communications - Virtual PBX Service VIRTUAL PBX SERVICES
Virtual PBX service allows multi location businesses or those businesses with telecommuting employees to manage and route calls to multiple extensions and locations. With Virtual PBX service and extension to extension transfer cabability employees in multiple locations can be connected as if they were all in the same office. Virtual PBX, with a low monthly fee, is an affordable solution for businesses versus a capital expenditure for expensive hardware.

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on on Virtual PBX Service

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