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Our fax services allow you to receive faxes, have them sent to an email address, catch your fax machine overflow, fax out frequently requested information either individually “on demand” or as a broadcast you generate. We offer a full array of fax services to meet the needs of consumers and businesses.
  • PRIVATE FAX PHONE NUMBER (Fax to email) - For consumers or businesses who don't want, need, or just cannot justify the cost of a fax machine or additional phone line just for fax - you can still have your own personal fax number. No more using someone else's fax number. With our service you can receive faxes, store them and pick them up confidentially with your other email messages.
  • FAX OPTIONAL FEATURES - Add our Desktop Fax function to your fax service so you can send faxes from your PC without a phone line. If you have our voicemail services you can also add receiving faxes to that service for a true “Unified Message” service. Get your voice and fax messages at the same phone number and distribute them to the same or different email addresses.
  • NEVER BUSY FAX OVERFLOW - Make sure your fax machine never rings busy, even at peak times. No need to increase your expenses by adding another phone line or fax machine. Let our system receive faxes when your fax machine and fax line is busy. Then as soon as your machine is available, your faxes will be sent to it automatically…or for quicker delivery have them delivered to an email address.
  • FAX ON DEMAND – Store advertising information, commonly used forms, coupons, spec sheets, new catalog sheets, updated sales literature, order forms or any other information that you want made available for customers, prospects or your staff. Frequently requested information can then be requested and instantly received via fax 24-hours a day from our system saving time and money for your business.
  • FAX BROADCAST - Need to send routine price changes, information or literature updates to a number of people on a regular basis? Let our system do the multiple fax sending as a group broadcast. Transmission is fast, efficient, and less expensive that the cost of sending by mail.
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