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We have several demo lines setup to allow you to try and sample our voice mail services first hand. If you require assistance in using our demo lines or if you have any questions about our products and services, please call us. You can reach our sales staff by calling (602) 234-2004 or from outside the Phoenix Metro area at (800) 339-6080.

Real Estate & Rental Properties Custom System for Real Estate:
Under Development

Enter Property 1400 when prompted
Proprerty Management & Apartment Complexes
Under Development

Insurance Applications

SmartLine-Insurance Companies
Under Development
Bulletin Board Applications

General Office Application
Under Development

Enter 1 at the main menu & then 1 again to sample information mailboxes

Fax & Other Services One Number Service:
Under Development
Under Development

Enter 2 at the main menu to sample two call fax-on-demand
Order Taking or Q & A Applications Custom System -- Order Taking:
Under Development
Dial by Name Dial by Name -- Name Directory:
Under Development

Enter 2 to reach the name directory, and then enter any of these names:
  • Ext. 10 = Dr. James White
  • Ext. 11 = Dr. Mary Teegarden
  • Ext. 12 = Dr. Gary Cooper
  • Ext. 13 = Dr. James Hutchinson
    (Please note that these sample voicemail boxes are set with a very short greeting. When you hear the record tone, simply hang up.)
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