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About Our Company

MessageLink Communications Corp., headquartered in Phoenix, AZ has been serving the messaging needs of businesses and individuals in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and around the United States for over30 years as a woman-owned business.  The company also markets under the names of Arizona Voicemail which provides voicemail related services throughout Arizona and AmeriNet Voice Solutions, which provides services nationwide with local phone numbers.

MessageLink Communications is a service bureau whose staff has more than 40 years experience in the telecommunications industry -- with more than 22 years specifically in the design, provisioning, and marketing of voicemail related services.

We provide 24-hour messaging in the areas of voicemail, telephone answering, fax services, broadcast services, and Virtual PBX Service. MessageLink uses all-digital voice and fax processing equipment -- allowing for the clearest voice quality and best telephone transmission possible.

Our Philosophy

MessageLink Communications
is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, that are easy to use. Our goal is to do so efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing us to keep our prices competitive and a good value for our customers.

Our Products & Services

MessageLink Communications has developed products and services to meet a variety of communications needs for small to large businesses across many industries. We offer voicemail for telephone answering, Virtual PBX's and interactive messaging. We can provide just one voicemail box or many. Any service can be customized with remote automated attendant, call processing, bulletin board menus, multiple greetings, notification to a pager or telephone, text notification to cell, message delivery to email, call transfer to another number with or without call screening, dial by name directory, and many other features.

Fax services can be integrated with voice processing, such as fax and voicemail in the same mailbox, or they can be provided on a stand-alone basis, such as fax to email, fax--on-demand, never-busy fax, or as a fax number by itself.


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